Presently is an organization created for the sole intent of helping spiritual pilgrims receive the love of God. The name Presently is derived from the description of God’s love. His love is a constant ever-flowing action toward his children every single moment of every day.
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New to Spiritual Direction?

The aim of Spiritual Direction is to usher an honest
heart-response to God’s invitation to a deeper love.        

 – Adam Rechenmacher



A Spiritual Direction meeting typically last 55 minutes, reoccurring every 2-4 weeks for a small fee, discussing topics like:

Where is God in my ordinary
 daily life?

  • How do I pray, when I don’t
 know how?

  • Why do I still struggle with the 
same issues?


We all are in need of a Spiritual Friend to walk along side us – especially in seasons of heightened intensity like:

  • Seeking answers to Life-decisions or Vocational Questions

  • Ending or beginning a new chapter 
in life

  • Experiencing “Dark,” dry or confusing
 times of prayer


A spiritual director is a trained listener with one ear attentive to your story and another to the
 Holy Spirit who is intertwined in your story.  Spiritual direction intends to foster deeper awareness
 of your heart and God’s heart for you.


Adam Rechenmacher is the founder of Presently. He is formally trained in spiritual direction at the Institute for Spiritual Formation, a department of Talbot Theological Seminary, where he received a MA in Soul Care.





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