Adventures in Poetry [Part 3]: Forever Companion

Forever Companion: She has awakened a certain loneliness that has laid dormant and undisturbed. It is a Phantom that haunts me in the quiet places. It is not fast and does not chase me, and yet I am forever pursued. When I stop running for a moment to catch my breath, it is upon me! […]

Adventures in Poetry [Part 2]: The Unfortunate Burglar

The Unfortunate Burglar: I am the unfortunate burglar. I take and steal, yet have acquired nothing. I seek from others what they do not have. I pillage from imaginary storehouses they do not own. Any trace of confidence or contentment without magnifies a deprivation within and ignites my insatiable appetite. In the morning I will […]

Adventures in Poetry [Part 1]: Seduction

Seduction: It is an unhappy event to find a soul you would rather be with than with yourself. Romantics have told us there is someone out there, your better half, to make you whole. I say I am my better half and me too, together with myself I am complete. But another part, who does not […]