Adventures in Poetry [Part 5]: A Burning

A Burning: I am a drought begging for your droplets asking you to be dry and miserable too I went into the desert looking for an ocean and drank the sand “Drink and drink until you strike water.” I can take no more it burns me from the inside “Drink and drink there is water […]

Spiritual Growth [Part 3]: It feels more like a Spiritual Standstill

In the last entry I discussed the different stages of prayer the Church Fathers and Mothers have observed in their own personal/cultural contexts.  All of these different models reflect a larger 3-stage understanding of growth in prayer. Those three stages consist of a purgative part, an illuminative part, and a unitive experience or goal. Origen […]

Spiritual Growth [Part 2]: Where am I and how did I get here?

Over the ages many people have tried to describe what growth in prayer looks like by outlining it for the rest of us to glean insight and understanding into our own prayer lives. I’ve found it amusing just how many different pictures or models have been offered over the years. I think this may be […]

Spiritual Growth [Part 1]: I cant tell if it’s getting lighter or darker

I wanted to spend a few weeks going a little more in depth into the theories of Spiritual Growth in order to spur on conversation and possible new thought experiments.  Typically there has been a general consensus of telos, but the nature of growth has been much more debated.  In the twentieth century mystical writer Evelyn Underhill “reopened […]

Adventures in Poetry [Part 4]: A Training

What can be said about our five senses; that leaves us More defined, More constricted More limited. I care More about the often unused sense the sense that detects love loves good, and loves well. I will make this the king over all my other senses; He will become the coach to the five on the […]

Spiritual Direction – Formal v. Informal: Do I need a friend or do I need Professional help?

Historically, spiritual direction has been offered as a ministry of the church, and those offering it were supported financially by the church as well i.e. bishops, priests, anchorites. The evolution of spiritual direction has emerged in its modern form through Individual Practices by “professionals” specifically trained in the art of listening, discernment and compassion and […]