Adventures in Poetry [Part 4]: A Training

What can be said about our five senses;
that leaves us More defined,
More constricted
More limited.
I care More about the often unused sense
the sense that detects love
loves good, and
loves well.
I will make this the king over all my other senses;
He will become the coach to the five on the field.
He will lead the drills,
and they will feel the sweat on their brow.

My ears will spend their time in silence,
in quietness they will grow,
learning patience as well as eagerness.
They will dream of sounds, both
foreign and
Notes running melodies on eighths
and carefully leaping from halves to wholes.
Their desire for constant arousal will fade,
Their ecstasy will be respectful satisfaction.

My eyes have already tasted from the
tree of knowledge of good and evil,
so now they must spend the rest of their days
buried in the scrolls of wisdom;
Being educated in discernment.
They will study the sensitivity of subtlety, and
significance of circumstance
from the eyes who went before,
now tragically gouged out.
In beauty they will become gluttonous
in corruption they will choose ignorance.
The world will become black and white,
but ever so filled with marvelous colors.

My tongue will learn the life of virtue and nobility,
acquainted with simplicity and even indulgence
but weary of the brothers “over” and “under.”
He will dine at the King’s table and get drunk from flavors and spices
yet not taste a drop of entitlement.
Today he will eat as the Father does in Heaven,
Tomorrow he will eat with the Son in sorrow,
The day after he will eat with Paul, content in all things.

My passive little nose will certainly need training as well.
It is a defenseless thing that is helplessly along for the ride.
It’s submissive state has left it only one chore:
to be like a child eating a November turkey for the first time,
be curious, and
be “thanks” giving.

My feel and touch will be trained in a new job.
My fingers will no longer fing,
or whatever thing
they used to do.
Ten more tools or instruments I have
to heal the sick and ease the pain.
Five senses I possess to register this world
surely I can spare
One to help redeem it.

Yes in training they will become great,
greater than they are now.
Not greater in their original uses:
to define,
to constrict,
to limit,
But greater because they have gone beyond their original powers
to expand potential
to discover mystery
to magnify mundane
to glory in Glory.

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