ADAM RECHENMACHER  Spiritual Director, CPBA, CPMA, CPEQA   noun_email_50770

Adam is the founder of Presently. He is formally trained in spiritual direction at the Institute for Spiritual Formation, a department of Talbot Theological Seminary, where he received a MA in Soul Care. He also holds a BA in Theology and Biblical Studies, but went on to focus his studies in Developmental Spirituality, Pneumatology and Sanctification at the postgraduate level. Adam has been trained in the different facets and schools of spiritual direction, including the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises and Carmelite Spiritual Direction, under Professional Supervision in a Practicum-structured program. He has been a member of the ESDA since 2011, and subscribes to their code of ethics. Adam is a Certified Professional Behaviors Analyst, Certified Professional Motivators Analyst, Certified Professional Emotional Quotient Analyst and Certified to read personal Axiology results designated by TTI Performance Systems, Ltd.


Historically, spiritual direction has been offered as a ministry of Christ’s church, and those offering it were supported financially by the church as well i.e. bishops, priests, anchorites. The evolution of spiritual direction has emerged in its modern form through Individual Practices by “professionals” of many faith backgrounds specifically trained in the art of listening, discernment and compassion and who have studied, to some degree, the science of Theology, Psychology or Sociology i.e. Seminarians, Cenobites and Life Coaches. Both traditions of Spiritual Direction exist today for those who are called and gifted toward this ministry. Some choose to continue in the tradition of the “one another” ministry described by St. Paul, while others make themselves available to the wider community of the wandering spiritual pilgrims.

Presently is an organization created for the sole intent of helping spiritual pilgrims receive the love of God. The name Presently is derived from the description of God’s love. Often, love is thought of as a noun, but God’s love is first a verb, a constant ever-flowing action toward his children. The illusory heart regularly refrains from receiving the love God offers in the present moment, by holding off for a love He will have for the individual on another day when he is more deserving. God’s love is transformational and the only power strong enough to break the vices and deep destructive patterns in the heart. Presently’s Trained Associates predominantly offer services of Spiritual Direction, but also Seminars and Guided Retreats – all aimed at the end goal of exposing how God is loving the individual in all circumstance and in every situation, resulting in deep healing and character reformation.